Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Claire's birthday cake

Here's a video of Claire eating her first birthday cake. Although she didn't face plant into the cake like Wesley did with his first cake, she definitely seemed to like it. She ate it fairly slowly, so this video is only of her eating part of the cake.

Claire walking

A short video of Claire walking. She's been getting better and better and can now walk across the room and back without falling or holding on to anything.

More Beach trip 2011

Another video from the beach trip. The cousins are at it again, playing in the water together.

Beach trip 2011

Here is one of the videos from our trip to Emerald Isle, NC in July. Wesley is playing with his cousins Annika and Kelan, running back and forth on the beach between Grandma and Grandpa Pataky.


I downloaded a bunch of videos from our camera yesterday and picked out a few to share. This one is super cute, so even though it's older, I couldn't resist putting it up. For the 4th of July, Daddy took Wesley to watch the fireworks (for the very first time). This video is of the two of them sitting in the back of the CRV, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Birthday presents

Here are some pictures of Claire's birthday presents.

Making an apple pie with Wesley.

See Mama. A spatula!

Cutting the pie.

Actively describing how good the pie is going to taste.

Playing (eating) with the fish game (not a present, just a new hobby of Claire's)

Sporting his new Jayhawks hat

Claire wanted to try it on too.

It's a little bit big for her.

Although, she can see if it's backwards.

Eating another favorite present (the ribbons)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brithday cake

Even though Claire's birthday isn't until Tuesday, we decided to celebrate with cake today. I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and we sang Happy Birthday before giving her a piece of her own. There was no face-plant, like with Wesley's first birthday, but she definitely liked the cake. (We took a video, but I have to find the cords to upload it to my computer; so it's coming soon)

With a big mouth full of cake.

Want some?


Check out these hands, Daddy!

About to toss the rest of the floor (which Daddy catches)

Claire - August

Here are some random pictures of Claire, playing around the apartment from this weekend.

Munching on her brother's tools.

My little imp

Playing peek-a-boo around the furniture while cruising around the room.

She's walking on her own now and can walk back and forth across a room without falling.

She has to stop to rebalance herself occasionally, but she doesn't fall.

Made it!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Henry Vilas Zoo (Madison)

This morning, Wesley, Claire, and I celebrated finding a daycare for them by going to the Madison zoo. Here are some pictures from the Children's zoo.

Little Joey Wesley.

Wesley wouldn't stick his head and arms out of the turtle shell, and this look he's giving me is because I made him take a picture when other kids were trying to get in the shell with him. The picture taking wasn't bugging him, but he does not like to be in small places with kids he doesn't know.

Sliding down one of the slides.

Climbing up the tree house net.

The treehouse from the outside.

Claire, watching her brother play.

Outside the giraffe pen. (We had to take this picture because Claire was wearing her giraffe-print pants)


Wesley the lion.

IL stop on the way to Madison

In the drive to Madison, we stopped in Columbus, OH and Champaign, IL to help break up the trip. On the way, Wesley asked if he could "go in the deep corn with Grandpa". So, when we arrived, Grandpa Pataky took us to his corn fields.

Grandpa and Wesley checking out the corn.

Harvesting his first ear.

Oops! Pulled a little too hard.

Grandpa kept encouraging Wesley to try some, but Wesley was hesitant. Here, he finally tried some called Obsession.

When Grandpa tries corn in his fields, he often spits it out (because eating too much raw corn can do things to your digestive system). Wesley saw him spit it out and thought that that's what you were supposed to do. So, after one bite, he bent over and spit it out.

Picking corn with Grandpa and Daddy.

See Mommy!

Ready, set, pull ...

After the corn field trip, Wesley wanted to run in the sprinkler(s).

He loved getting sprayed in the face.

And had a great time.

Look at him go!

Claire liked crawling around in the grass after wiffle balls

She also liked trying to touch the sprinkler. She and Mommy ran up to the sprinkler, she reached out to touch it, and then we would run away before getting wet.

Claire thought this was hilarious.

Practicing her walking.

Checking out the 'bin' for the balls.

Toddling over to Mommy. (She can take 8-10 steps on her own now. We're trying to catch this on the video camera to share soon.)