Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grandparents Cowles visit 2

Grammy, Wesley, Claire, and I went to Grounds for Sculpture on the last day of their visit (while Poppa and Daddy went to the Princeton Art Museum). We had a good time checking out the different sculptures and Wesley especially liked checking each one for the red or green sign. Red means stay off and green means that you can touch the art.

There are these very realistic sculptures of people all over the grounds. Some are set up to look like they're looking at the art and you have to do a double take before you realize it's not a real person standing there. Wesley liked this couple that's relaxing under an evergreen tree.

He wanted to take their sunglasses off, but they were glued on.


ROOARRRRRR!!!!! (This one was louder.)

Seeing if the bamboo will fall down when you shake it. (It didn't)

A tree tunnel path.

Posing with Grammy and Claire by the rock man.

Wesley took the green signs a little too literally for this sculpture and wanted to try out the stairs. In his defense, he saw other kids doing it first and wanted to try it himself.

I have no excuse for why I didn't stop him. He was being careful and it seemed like the sculpture could take it.

"Look Mommy! A circle and a triangle!"

This snake sculpture was really cool. Wesley walked from its head to its tail and back again. I especially like the bulge in the middle like he's just eaten something.

There are peacocks (and peahens) walking all over the grounds and the first one we saw let Wesley actually touch its tail. (It was facing away from us and I don't think it even noticed he was there.) Wesley loved that and wanted to touch all of them. He tried to sneak up behind this guy, but the bird saw him and got up and walked away before he could touch it.

Another farm trip

Since I hadn't posted pictures in a while, I have some old ones to share too. These are from a different trip to the farm.

Guinea fowl. Wesley liked this gals because they let him get pretty close before they ran away. And, they didn't try to chase him like the regular hens.

Wesley's favorite farm activity: riding the tractor tricycles.

Claire watching Wesley ride.

Not sure what he was yelling about. I think he was just being silly about something.

Walking to the tractor ride (a real tractor pulling a wagon) with our friends.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grandparents Cowles visit

It's been awhile since I last posted pictures (sorry! I've been really busy). In early June, Grandma and Grandpa Cowles came for a visit before their trip to Scotland. Here are some quick snapshots of their visit.

On day 1, we went to Terhune Orchard (the "farm") to see the animals and ride the tractors.

Feeding the goats with Grammy.

Riding the tractor (or lawn mower, like Grandpa's, as Wesley says)

Our happy camper afterwards. He really did NOT want his picture taken. Can you tell?

On day 2, we took Grandma and Grandpa to the Adventure Aquarium. Wesley is a little happier in this picture.

After the aquarium, the boys went to see the Battleship New Jersey. Unfortunately, there lots of ladders that Wesley couldn't climb, so this is as close as they got.

On day 3, we went to the Jersey shore for a beach trip. Here, we're walking on the boardwalk next to the beach.

Building castles with Mommy.

The shore has lots of carnival rides. Here, Daddy and Wesley are riding on the train (which had an engine that looked a little like Thomas the Tank Engine). Wesley also rode on the flying elephants (like Dumbo at Disney World), a fire engine ride, and another car ride. Not surprisingly, he didn't want to leave.