Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo trip

On Saturday, we took another trip to the Philadelphia zoo to use our membership one more time (before it expired). We went with some friends from work, which included Wesley's friend Mya and another little boy named Alex. The weather was great and the kids had a lot of fun.

Looking at tigers with Daddy.

Claire liked the zoo too!

Wesley riding George, the camel. Daddy was supposed to ride with him, but even though the woman selling the tickets said that he could, the man at the actual ride wouldn't let him ride. Fortunately, Wesley was ok with riding with this girl (whom we don't know).

He didn't crack a smile the whole time, but wanted to do it again, so he must have liked it.

Wesley and Mya checking out the ferrets at the children's zoo.

Say Cheeese!

Driving the tractor.

We also let Wesley ride one of the little ponies on this trip.

Again, he wouldn't smile at all. And, he even refused to look at me when I wanted to take his picture. But, he couldn't stop talking about Tanner, the pony later. I think the woman walking with him freaked him out because he also kept asking me about her (What's her name?, Who is she? etc.)

Wesley and Mya brushing the goats.

Checking out the ducks and geese.

Running with Mya, Alex, and his mom over to see the swan boats.

Watching the swan boats.

We got them to hold hands for some cuteness overload pictures.

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Mom said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Wesley riding the animals. Annika is like that too -- not smiling until the ride is over then wanting more. In Wesley's case, maybe it was just the fact that he was with strangers in both cases.
I like Claire's hat too.