Monday, May 23, 2011

IL visit 4

Second trip to the castle park. Hugging the "kissing hammers" sculpture.

Rope climbing with Grandpa

Swinging with Grandma.

Grandma, Mommy, Aunt Ann with Claire.

Swinging with Grandpa.


Claire wasn't so sure of the swing at first. We quickly had her laughing.

Mommy and Claire at the park.

We went to see the horses after the park visit.

Watching the mommy and baby horses.

"Whoa! That's a big horse! Don't let him bite your fingers!" (Grandpa was feeding him some grass).

Eyeing up the horse.

IL visit 3

Mommy and Claire, ready for the graduation ceremony.

The whole clan after the ceremony.

Three U of I grad siblings and one more in the works.


Claire's first watermelon.

Oh! It's cold!

Playing pool on Grandpa and Grandma's table.

Future pool shark.

Who me?

Post-bath cuteness.

IL visit 2

On Saturday, we took the kids for a ride on the train in Monticello. It was about a 10-15 minute ride each way, and the kids loved it.

Checking out the caboose with his cousins.

On the train.

Sitting with cousin Kelan.

All the older cousins: Annika, Wesley, and Kelan.

All five kids together.

Mommy and Claire.

Checking out the engine.

Posing with Daddy.

On the train again.

Claire: "I want your bottle!"
Grady: "Trade you for your pacifier."

The boys (sans Kelan) on the train.

Wesley with Grandpa Pataky.

IL visit 1

We drove back to IL for Aunt Ann's graduation last week and spent a few days fun days with family while we were there. Here are some pictures from the "castle" park near Grandma and Grandpa Pataky's house. (That's not really the park's name, but the play structure looks like a huge castle, so the kids call it that.)

Mommy and Wesley up on the castle.

Getting ready to go down the slide.

Climbing the spider web.

Making sure we stay on the tires so the alligators don't get us.

Getting braver!

Not so sure of the tire swing.

Monkey bar time!

Riding Grandpa's tractor (aka lawn mower). Wesley LOVED this.

Claire and Mommy watching the tractor ride.

Meeting cousin Grady for the first time.

All the little kids at breakfast. Cousins Kelan, Annika, and Grady. Uncle Andy. Claire, Mommy, and Wesley.