Monday, April 11, 2011

Wesley is 3! (#2)

A family portrait!

Wesley next to his huge birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa Pataky.

Hurry, take the picture! I want to open this! Cheese!

Inside was a basketball hoop. He LOVES it!

"hooking" mommy with his new pirate costume, including hook.

Checking things out with his pirate telescope. (I love Claire eating the block in the background)

In full pirate costume.


Claire, sporting the cyclops pirate look.

Playing with his Winnie the Pooh blocks set from Aunt Bev and Uncle Lanny.

Snack time for Claire during the gift opening.

She's getting really good at picking up the puffs.

Happy girl!

Wesley checking out the dinosaurs in 3D in his new viewmaster from Grandpa Nicol.

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Mom said...

Looks lik Wesley the pirate had a great birthday weekend and Claire did not miss a beat. Eating blocks seems to be a universal child thing. Nice family picture too!