Monday, April 18, 2011

Wesley, the genius

Wesley had his 3 year well visit doctor's appointment this morning. He's in great health, has grown an inch since his last visit 6 months ago, and gained about 2.5 lbs. He did really well at the visit and didn't have any trouble with the doctor's exam. The PCV shot was a stinger, but he was ok by the time we got him back to school.

The best part of the visit was the eye test performed by the nurse. They had four shapes for him to identify from a distance. Before starting, she asked Wesley to tell her what the four shapes were while he was still up close to the pictures. He correctly identified them all: a heart, a circle, a square (which he called a rectangle), and a pentagon. Of course, the nurse was a little taken aback that our genius 3 year old called the picture of a house a pentagon, but he was definitely right. It was awesome. :) (A big thanks to his teachers at school for teaching him all of his shapes.) (He passed the eye exam too, if you were wondering.)

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