Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter pictures

Claire had fun playing with the Easter baskets and eggs on Saturday before the big day.

She really liked it when I filled up the basket with eggs and then let her empty it back out. Either all at once like here, or one egg at a time.

The basket must have tasted fairly interesting because she kept trying to eat it. I think it was actually the texture that she liked.

Wesley, on Easter morning, wearing his bunny ears.

Cheese. I like this one even though Claire's not smiling. She's at least looking at the camera.

"What is on your head, Wesley?"

"I want it!"

"Sure, Claire. I can share with you." ("Sure" is one of Wesley's new favorite words.)

"I changed my mind. I don't want it! Get it off!"

Sneak attack second attempt.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs on our playground again this year and Wesley got to find them with his two friends Maxim and Tatum. Here he is afterward waiting to have his picture taken with his friends. Maxim wasn't actually very interested in looking for eggs, so Wesley filled both baskets.

Wesley and Tatum examining the eggs.


Maxim, Wesley, and Tatum with an animated "Cheeeeesssse!"

Oops! There goes the basket of eggs!

Oh no! (Don't worry, Daddy helped him pick them up.)

Mommy with Claire and her maraca egg. She loved shaking this one because it was full of jelly beans.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wesley, the genius

Wesley had his 3 year well visit doctor's appointment this morning. He's in great health, has grown an inch since his last visit 6 months ago, and gained about 2.5 lbs. He did really well at the visit and didn't have any trouble with the doctor's exam. The PCV shot was a stinger, but he was ok by the time we got him back to school.

The best part of the visit was the eye test performed by the nurse. They had four shapes for him to identify from a distance. Before starting, she asked Wesley to tell her what the four shapes were while he was still up close to the pictures. He correctly identified them all: a heart, a circle, a square (which he called a rectangle), and a pentagon. Of course, the nurse was a little taken aback that our genius 3 year old called the picture of a house a pentagon, but he was definitely right. It was awesome. :) (A big thanks to his teachers at school for teaching him all of his shapes.) (He passed the eye exam too, if you were wondering.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Video

I took several videos of Wesley's birthday celebration and combined some of the better ones into this one video. I hope it gives you a feel for how much fun he had on Sunday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wesley is 3! (#2)

A family portrait!

Wesley next to his huge birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa Pataky.

Hurry, take the picture! I want to open this! Cheese!

Inside was a basketball hoop. He LOVES it!

"hooking" mommy with his new pirate costume, including hook.

Checking things out with his pirate telescope. (I love Claire eating the block in the background)

In full pirate costume.


Claire, sporting the cyclops pirate look.

Playing with his Winnie the Pooh blocks set from Aunt Bev and Uncle Lanny.

Snack time for Claire during the gift opening.

She's getting really good at picking up the puffs.

Happy girl!

Wesley checking out the dinosaurs in 3D in his new viewmaster from Grandpa Nicol.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wesley is 3!

Claire, Mommy, and Wesley at work after showing Princeton campus to Grandpa Pataky and Aunt Bev (who are visiting for Wesley's birthday weekend)

Daddy, Wesley, Mommy, and Aunt Bev on campus.

Grandpa Pataky with Claire playing basketball.

Reading books with Aunt Bev.

"Watching" Winnie the Pooh with Grandpa.

We reserved the Little Gym for Wesley's birthday party. Here he's playing basketball.

Bouncing the soccer ball (he LOVES to dribble this ball)

Wesley, as the birthday boy, got to sit on the air track as it inflated.

Almost done!

Bouncing on the air track!

On the air track while it deflates with friend Mya.

Claire was due for a nap but held out until she couldn't stay awake any longer and passed out in Aunt Bev's arms.

Wesley's pirate ship birthday cake.

At the party, blowing out the candles on his cake.

The birthday boy in the center of the parachute while we all moved it around him and sang to him.

Under the birthday parachute tent.

Eating pizza after playing hard in the gym.

Claire playing after we were back home from the party.