Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diaper Change

I caught this video of Wesley giving his stuffed animals a diaper change last night. Super cute.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Video" of Wesley reading

After we had turned out the lights last night for bedtime, Wesley wanted to read me a story. He knew I wouldn't turn the lights back on because he's tried this procrastination technique before, but decided he could read just fine without the lights. The book he chose was the Hungry Little Caterpillar. You can't see a thing in the video, but his audio is pretty cute.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday trip to the Care-ium

We went back to the Adventure Aquarium (or Care-ium as Wesley pronounces it) on Saturday morning this past weekend. We got there early enough that it didn't start getting too crowded until we'd had a chance to look at most exhibits.

Daddy, Claire, and Wesley in front of the hippo tank.

"Is it going to eat me?" Wesley was convinced that the fake shark that he's crawling in was going to eat or bite him. It took some coaxing to get him to actually crawl inside the mouth for a picture.

In the shark tunnel, making scared faces at my request.

"Ahhh! A shark!"

Claire, in the shark tunnel, unimpressed by the sharks.

After several visits, Wesley has overcome his fear of touching the animals and was completely ready and willing to touch the stingrays with Daddy on this trip.

His favorite is this huge one that liked to hang around our side of the tank. And yes, his sleeve did slide down and get soaked. Oops.

The big guy (or gal) must have been hungry and was pushing up out of the water in search of some fish.

Daddy trying to get Wesley to touch the anemones. Wesley didn't want to for some reason, but would touch everything else in this tank, including some starfish and a sea cucumber.

In the diving bell lookout. One of his favorite places in the aquarium.

Not sure who the boy in front is, but Wesley and Claire in the bell together.

Mommy and Claire.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sitting and Siblings

Here's a couple of pictures of Claire sitting up by herself from last week. She's getting really good at it now and doesn't hardly ever tip over anymore.

Wesley wanted me to take some pictures of him sitting with Claire. Here's what we took.

(he's just patting her head here, not actually hitting her)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blah blah blah

Claire has just recently started babbling at us with her new favorite sound being "blah". Here's a video I took from my iPod the other day. (I've been trying to get it on our video camera, but I keep forgetting to charge the battery.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Museum visit

Grandpa Nicol came for a visit the past few days. Here he is with Claire.

Our silly monkey hiding behind the chair.

We took the kids to the Academy of Natural History (in Philadelphia) for Wesley to see his first dinosaurs

"They're not real, Mommy. They're stinct." (And I'm pretty sure he knows that extinct is different than stinky.)

Wesley didn't really know what to make of the dinosaurs. He looked at the bones but kept asking to go see the dinosaurs, regardless of how much explaining we did. Maybe another visit will help him understand a little better.

Braving the T-rex to touch it's tongue.

No fear with little Claire who practically climbed down its throat.

Wesley (and all of us) really enjoyed the butterfly house. He was supremely jealous when one landed on Grandpa's hand.

After this picture, Wesley followed the butterflies around with his hand out, hoping that they would land on him. Despite his wanting them to, he did a great job of not grabbing them out of the air or off the ground.

The little fingers off to one side are Wesley's.

I love the rolled up tongue on this one.

Getting gobbled by Daddy. The next picture is much cuter, but in this one, if you look closely, you can see Claire's new tooth. It's just barely poking through the gums on the upper left side of her mouth.

Family photo after the butterfly house.

Latest pictures of Claire (6 months old)

I thought everyone could use a Claire-fix, so I've put some recent pictures of her on this post.

Lounging on the couch (I love how the sun coming in the window behind her makes all the floaties in the air stand out) while laughing at Wesley (as usual).

More laughing at her brother.


Playing on the floor, drooling away.

These may be some of the last photos of Claire that you see where she's toothless. She had a tooth poke through on Saturday (see photo at bottom of next post about the museum)

Making a very serious face while concentrating on something.

Practicing her sitting. She can also sit up on her own now without support. (Although, she still topples over at times, so we have to stay close by)