Monday, February 14, 2011

Like mother, like daughter

Just got this photo from my parents. This is a picture of me as a baby (being held by my grandmother). If you didn't think Claire looks like me before, I think this will probably convince you.

And, a photo of Claire for comparison (from a similar angle and similar facial expression)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo shoot

Here's a couple of pictures of Wesley in his snow fort with his friend Swara (from school).

And... Here's Claire's photo shoot from this morning. We think she'd make an awesome Thing One or Thing Two for Halloween. Hilarious!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Claire laughing

This is, by far, one of my favorite videos of Claire. Wesley can make her laugh at the drop of a hat and she completely (at least for now) worships him. We've been trying to catch it on camera and finally did it just the other night. Her laugh is awesome.

Claire trying out the exersaucer

Claire recently started using the exersaucer. This is the same one that Wesley used (that we originally got from friends at work) and that another work friend used in between them. We're planning on passing it on to other friends when we're finished. Now that's what I call recycling!

Claire starting solids

This video isn't very exciting, but we started Claire on cereals recently. Here's a video of her getting her first tastes of rice cereal.

Feeding Daddy

I didn't even know Daddy had taken this video (he propped the camera up on the table), but this one is pretty funny. Wesley is feeding Daddy spoonful by spoonful some venison barley soup. Their conversation throughout made me laugh.

Singing in the Bath

Here's a video of Wesley singing some of his favorite songs in the bath from early January. (I just uploaded a bunch of videos from the camera last night, so I'm posting a bunch today).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice storm

We got some freezing rain last night. By this morning, the branches were all covered with ice, but the roads were clear. Daycare opened at 10:00 and things are starting to melt because the weather is headed up to 40 degrees today. So, if you're wondering, we're fine. Here's a picture of a tree next to our building at work to give you an idea of how much ice we got.

Wesley quote of the day

Wesley looks up at me this morning from his cup of water with a concerned look on his face and says "This tastes like beer!"
My response: "When have you tasted beer?"
Wesley: "all the time".
Me: "Who gave you the beer?".
Wesley: "Daddy!"
In reality, Wesley has never tasted beer and has only smelled it. He's such a clown these days.
(I wonder where he got that from: Daddy!!!)