Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We got dumped on last night. There was even a period where it was snowing, thundering, and lightning all at the same time. I'm not sure how much we got, but they were calling for 9-12 inches, and it looks like we got about that, based on the back porch (see above). Daycare was closed today, so Wesley got to build another snow fort with Daddy in the front yard. The weather is perfect for it, with temps in the low 30s with the sun shining.

The tree that kept dropping snow down my neck while I was taking pictures.

Wesley trying out the shovel.

Handing it back to Daddy so he can dig out more of the fort.

Say Cheese!

Trying to repeat last February's picture.

I'm a bear! I'm hibernating! (We just learned about that on Cat in the Hat this morning)


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Mom said...

Just realized how much snow you got and checked the blog. My gosh! You really did get dumped on. I love the picture of Wes and Charles in the "fort".