Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas photos

Here are some still photos from Christmas (and a few others).

Claire, a few days before Christmas, enjoying her swing time during dinner.

My little goofball wanted to wear some of Mommy's ponytail holders in his hair. And, yes, he's getting his hair cut tomorrow. :)

Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Wearing his "baker man's hat" as he calls it.

In the same outfit, last year at Christmas for a comparison.

Playing with his new police man car (from Santa)

Showing Mommy his car.

Claire sitting in her seat watching the present-opening on Christmas morning.

Watching Wesley race after something.

Sucking on her fist and still very camera-shy. She won't smile hardly at all if she sees the camera, but cracks up as soon as I put it down.

Wesley at the exact same age. Another comparison photo for you.

Loving her new bumblebee toy.

I know the picture quality isn't great on this one, but I took this with my Christmas present (an iPod Touch) and thought it was a cute on of Morgan by the tree.

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