Monday, October 25, 2010

October Zoo Visits

We've taken Wesley to the zoo for the past two weekends in a row. With the weather being so hot this summer and me being pregnant, we didn't have many opportunities to go this summer. So, we're taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather. The Philly zoo was celebrating Boo at the Zoo both weekends, so we had fun trick-or-treating there as well.

Checking out the hippos with Daddy.

Waiting in line for the zoo train.

Wave hi to Mommy.

Hi Mommy!!!!! Hi Baby Claire!!!!

Skipping after the train. Yes, he LOVES it.

Driving the tractor at the children's zoo.

Claire at the zoo. She slept the whole time, both times.

Brushing the goats.

Playing on the rail while watching the baby giraffe.

On the second trip, we took Wesley's cowboy costume. Thank you Grandma Pataky! It turned out perfectly. (There's a bandanna and sheriff star too, but we didn't want to lose the accessories at the zoo)

Hey! Look at THAT Mommy!

Checking out the other costumes.

Action shot of Wesley goofing around.

Back at the rail for the baby giraffe.

Feeding the ducks through the boards.

Throwing the food over the rail for the ducks.

Riding the train with our friend Karolinka.


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