Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visit from the Cowles

Grandma and Grandpa Cowles came for a visit to see Claire and spend some time with Wesley. Here are some pictures from their time here.

Wesley checking out his new dinosaurs with Grandma.

Digging in the bag for more.

On a tractor at the apple orchard with Grandma.

Picking apples with Grandma.

Look Daddy! Lots of apples for Mommy to use to make pies. Yum yum.

Burning his endless supply of energy.

Riding back to the car with Grandpa.

Wesley and Claire.

Big brother kisses (again).

"It's o-tay, Baby Claire"

Trying to focus on something.

Mommy's hand, holding Wesley's finger, being held by Claire.

Daddy with sleeping baby.

Grandma Cowles getting her turn with Claire.

More sleeping baby pictures. Who can resist.

Claire in her first dress. What a cutie.

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