Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach trip photos

We got a CD of photos in the mail today from Grandma Pataky with some more pictures from our trip to Emerald Isle. Here are some of my favorites (although there are a lot more to choose from too). Thanks Mom!

The grill masters.

Walking down to the beach with Mommy on the first morning.

Helping Grandpa Pataky build sand castles.

View from the house porch across the sand dunes to the water.

Looking for sea shells with Mommy.

Cousin Emily, Uncle Lanny, and Aunt Bev relaxing under the umbrella.

One of Grandpa's creations.

Lounging with Ginger and her son.

Collecting water to build sand castles with her brother.

Looking at mole crabs with Charles.

The house we rented for the week. We stayed in the duplex on the left side, called Reflections West.

Enjoying crab cake after dinner (chocolate cake shaped like a crab, that is).

Surveying his castle domain.

Climbing the castle walls.

Grandpa building another castle.

Back to the beach on another morning.

Collecting water with his new friend.

Family shot.

Swimming in one of the tidal pools.

Getting brave in the "deep" water (just a dip in the sand of the tidal pool).

More grilling.

One of my new favorite pictures ever.

Chilling with Mommy in the shade.

Out with Grandma.

Looking for shells with Grandma.

Looking for clams with Daddy.

Jumping in the waves with Daddy and Mommy.

Spraying the sand off of Mommy.

And getting himself in the process.

Having a snack with Grandpa.

Playing baseball with Grandma.

Showing Grandma how to kick the baseballs.

Grandma showing us how it's done.

Batting coach.

Practicing his putting.

Watching the neighbor kids feeding cheese puffs to the sea gulls.

Checking out the sea shell collection with Daddy.

According to Wesley, only the big shell in his hand "works". It was the only one where you could hear the ocean, therefore the other ones were broken in his opinion.

Family portrait on the last day.

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