Monday, May 17, 2010

May pictures

Styling in his new sunglasses which he'll wear for about 30 seconds before taking them back off.

Getting ready to go outside and ride his bike.

Checking out some ants on the sidewalk.

Smelling the neighbors' flowers. And no, he didn't end up picking them.

Watching the big girls on the swings at the playground.

Looking at lions with Grandma Pataky at the zoo.

Riding the carousel at the Philly zoo.

Feeding the ducks at the children's zoo.

Trying out his new baseball tee. Thanks Grandma!!


Time to get the balls.

Playing a combination of baseball, golf, and soccer with the balls. He loved kicking and putting the balls around the grass as much as he liked hitting them off the tee.

Hitting tips from Grandma.

Listening carefully.

Home run!

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Samantha said...

Finally I get to see a photo of your pregnant, Kim! Yay! Wesley's getting so big and grown-up looking. And he's a real cutie.