Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another visit from the grandparents

Grandpa and Grandma Cowles visited recently, and these are some pictures from when they were here.

Eating pretzels one afternoon at snack time.

Playing in doggie's crate after a sweaty playtime outside (hence the lack of a shirt).

Making pizza dough with Mommy.

At the playground.

Getting the dirt out of his shoes. Wesley gets obsessed with keeping the dirt out of his shoes when we're at the playground. We really can't let him where sandals there anymore or we spend half the time taking his shoes on and off.

Riding a tractor at Terhune Orchard (like Curtis Orchard for those of your familiar with it).

Feeding the goats. I'm pretty sure this one is stuck in the fence. Check out his horns.

Enamored with the newly sheared sheep. He stood there for a long time just starting at them even though they weren't doing anything very interesting.

Playing tug of war with doggie's bed.

Off to school.

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