Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow!!

Another 16 inches on Wednesday!

Getting ready for another playtime in the snow.


Daddy built a snowfort for Wesley.

Crawling inside.

There's room for everyone.

Goofing with Daddy.

He didn't want to come back out.

He'd only come out of the fort when I reminded him that we needed a nose for the snowman. Here he is climbing up to take the pinecone nose back off.

Almost there... can't quite reach it...

Oops! There it goes!

Mr. Snowman. Wesley says hello, goodbye, and goodnight to the snowman every day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Cowles #2

We had an ultrasound done yesterday for a standard check of the baby's condition at this point (13 weeks). As far as they can see, everything looks fine. Two arms, two legs, a heart, a brain, umbilical cord, placenta, etc. They really can't see much yet, but we got to get some nice pictures.

Side view of the baby with head at the left. One arm sticking up in the middle, and one leg stretched out on the far right. We actually watched him/her stretch her legs right as the technician was taking the image.

Close up of the baby's head and one hand up by his/her face. The technician says he/she was my nose. hahaha

Saturday, February 6, 2010


A Nor'easter hit our area last night and most of the day today and dumped 12-18 inches of snow on us. Here's a picture out the back window from this morning, when it was still coming down.

Once the snow stopped this afternoon, we took Wesley out to play in it. He loves the sound of his snow pants swishing together and spent some time sprinting around the house before we went out. Daddy buried him in the snow, which he seemed to love too.

Cheeesssse Mommy!

We tried to get him out of the snow bank, but he wanted to stay there and tried to rebury himself. In the process, he got snow all over his mittens.

To taste it, or not to taste it....


Hey! That's cold!

Ok, it wasn't that bad. Let's keep playing!

Going for a walk down the sidewalk. Morgan went too and just barely cleared the top of the snow on either side of the sidewalk.

We were able to stay out for a little while but the wind is pretty bitter cold. The snow is really pretty right now. Ask me again what I think after a few days when it's had a chance to turn to ice.