Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Kansas

Sorry for the delay in postings. We took a long trip over Christmas this year to get to see everyone. We drove through Columbus, OH (visiting the Rhodes on both trips), to Champaign where we took a short trip from driving, and then on to Lawrence, Kansas to visit the Cowles. Aunt Emily flew all the way down from Alaska this year and we got to spend almost a whole week with her. We also got to see the Birkes and some high school friends of Charles while we were there. After Christmas, we drove back to Champaign for a longer visit with the Pataky and Nicol families before heading home through Columbus again at New Years. A LOT of driving, but totally worth it to see so much family.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. I picked out a few of my favorites of those that I took. I'm hoping to get more when other family members send me their pictures too. There were lots of cameras being used during the visit.

Christmas morning playing with his new blocks from Santa.

Testing out Wesley's new chef hat and apron while making cookies with Aunt Emily, Grandma, and Mommy.

Saying "Chhheeeeeese" for the camera.

Another "cheese"

Sitting with Daddy and Grandma by the tree.

Watching the train with Grandma.

Playing trains with Aunt Emily.

Setting up the log car.

Watching the trains and doing a great job of not grabbing them as they go by. What a patient guy.

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Mom said...

The chef pictures are precious. Charles' cousin will be proud.

I am amazed that Wesley was able to watch and not touch the train.