Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Illinois

Getting ready to go play in the snow with Aunt Ann.

Cousin Annika all bundled up.

Annika making snow angels in the driveway.

Running through his first deep snow.

Uncle Andy, Annika, and Kelan playing with Morgan (the little white whirlwind) in the backyard.

Running with Daddy.

Backyard fun.

First sled ride around the yard.

Oops! Fell off on the turn.

Here we go!


I like this! More Daddy! More!

Aunt Ann pulling Kelan and Annika while trying to avoid Morgan (who was biting at her ankles).

Are we done already?

Uncle Andy watching the sled rides.

Opening Christmas gifts with Grandpa Nicol.

All right! Pop-up books! Sssssss snake.

Oooo! Musical instruments!

Learning how to play the triangle.

Shaking the maracas.

Banging the drum/tambourine.

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