Monday, December 14, 2009

Train ride

On Saturday, we took Wesley for a ride on the NJT (New Jersey Transit) train. The Dinky (as its known) is a short, 3-car train that goes between Princeton campus and the main line. The ride is less than 5 minutes each way but was a great way to have Wesley ride his first train. He loves trains and couldn't sit still for most of the ride.

Daddy and Wesley upon arrival at the main line station.

Getting ready to ride back to Princeton.

Watching the people on the station.

Sitting with Mommy before the ride starts.

Getting antsy waiting for the train to get going again.

Jumping on the seats (still waiting for the train to go back).

At Princeton station waiting to watch the Dinky leave. The conductor blew the train's horn just for Wesley since he saw him sitting there waiting for the train to leave.

Getting really impatient about being made to sit in his stroller. "WALK! WALK!", he says.

Playdoh nose

Wesley and Mommy having fun with playdoh one weekend in November.

New tricycle 2

Another video of Wesley riding his new tricycle.

New tricycle

Grandma and Grandpa Cowles bought Wesley a tricycle for Christmas. We're driving back to the midwest for Christmas this year and knew we would not have room in the car to bring it home with us. So, they had it shipped directly to our house and watched Wesley open the gift over iChat. He can't quite reach the pedals, but absolutely loves it. As you can see, he's decorated it with a couple of Christmas ornaments.