Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween pics

Grandpa Nicol visited for Halloween weekend and helped Mom carve some pumpkins.

Wesley checking out the food at our work Halloween party.

Mom (sans costume), Wesley (turtle), and Charles (NW flight 188 pilot)

Wesley with his best friend at daycare. (Wesley didn't like wearing the hat for his costume but when we were at daycare and he saw all the other kids wearing theirs, he agreed to keep it on. At least long enough for some pictures.)

Eating some Halloween snacks. The cheese doodles were his favorite.

Coming out onto the playground for the daycare's Halloween parade.

Walking around the playground with his classmates and all of the other kids from school.

With Mom after the parade. (And eyeing the playground equipment. This was the big kids' playground which he had never seen except through a fence. He rode the frog before we went home.)

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