Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grandparents visit 3

On Monday, we took Wesley to a new park near campus. I can't remember the real name of the park, but the Princeton kids website calls it the Sandbox park. In addition to some nice trails, this park has a huge sandbox filled with toys that live at the park.

Wesley, of course, loved the balls.

Wesley and Mom checking out the sandbox.

Wesley's other favorite toy at the park was this pink car, which he drove around for a long time. He actually preferred to stand behind it and push it, rather than ride, but he let me push him around for a little while too.

Grandpa built a big sand city for Welsey.

Wesley didn't really get the concept of knocking down the castles, but we thought he was going to run them over with the car.

But, then he turned at the last minute and carefully pushed the car around the castle.

I finally gave up and showed him how to squish the castles with his foot.

Then, he really got into it and started using his hands.

We invited another little girl to help him squish the castles and she was happy to help. Wesley is watching her here.

Back to the car toy. (By the way, Wesley is really starting to look like Charles at that age. I especially noticed it a lot in these recent pictures. Does anyone agree?)

The park also had a small slide, which Wesley liked too. He was wearing wind pants and with the slide being metal, slid down it really fast on his own.

So, Mom went with him.

Hurry Mom! Go faster!


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