Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grandpa Nicol visit 3

During Grandpa Nicol's visit, we went to the Phily zoo again. The animals were really cooperative this visit and we saw guys moving around that we don't normally see. The weather was also a little cooler than in previous visits, so there were hardly any people there. A couple of times it felt like we had snuck in when the zoo was closed it was so empty.

Watching a monitor lizard climb across some branches.

Watching the three pumas pace around their cage. Usually these guys are hiding up on the rocks fast asleep. This was a special treat to see them walking right up to the glass like the tigers usually do.

Being stalked by one of the pumas. See it where Wesley's pointing?

Pacing tigers. These girls (three cubs and the mom) are always walking around their enclosure.

We discovered a part of the zoo we've never been to before that's just for members. The Treehouse is an indoor playground full of giant replicas of things for the kids to play in. Dad is showing Wesley how to get into the egg here.

Sitting on an alligator. It took me awhile to convince Wesley that this guy wasn't real.

Wesley is inside a frog and this is the view down through the mouth. You can sort of see Mom's head on the left peaking through one of the frog's eyes.

Wesley looking back at Mom.

Dad and Mom explaining where babies come from.

Honeycomb playground.

Dad and Wesley climbing through the log tunnel.

Not so sure of this huge caterpillar. (He refused to sit on this one)

Watching another kid climb on the log.

Trying to copy the bigger kid and climb up on the same place.

Playing amongst some roots at the Treehouse.

A little monkey that Mom found in the Primate House.

This sloth bear must have smelled our Halloween candy that we brought for a snack and seriously looked like it was trying to figure out a way across the moat. I've never seen a bear so interested in the people watching it. Honestly, it was a little disturbing.

Grandpa and Wesley by the bear.

The bear standing on its hind legs eyeing the leap across the moat.

Biting its own foot (maybe in frustration?)

Grandpa and Wesley

This black bear was taking a nap right up next to the window. Wesley was trying to touch him here.

And trying to kick him here.

Exploring the Avian Center info.

Watching the birds.

Waiting for Dad to finish looking at the birds.

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