Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grandpa Nicol visit 1

Grandpa Nicol came for a visit the past week and these are some photos he took while here.

Squishing some playdoh. Mom found a bag of playdoh buckets (small ones to give away for Halloween) on super sale at Kohls. They're perfect for Wesley.

Trying to put the lid back on the playdoh container. He loved taking the playdoh out and putting it back in over and over again.

Squishing the turtle Mom made.

When your fingers aren't working, use your teeth.

Reaching to squish Mom's orange playdoh bug.

Reaction after throwing the playdoh containers. (which is also what he's started doing with his food lately, to our unending frustration)

Kicking back and enjoying the playdoh

Showing off his flexibility.

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