Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend playing

The weather this weekend was really crummy, so we spent a lot of time inside playing. Wesley decided that he wanted to fit on top of his Tonka truck and ride it around the room. He was quite frustrated the he was too big for it but tried to sit down in the truck bed for almost 15 minutes before finally squashing himself in and asking me to push him while he tried to keep from falling out.

Playing with his work bench.

Hanging up the tools.

It's taken him a while to be able to get the hole at the end of each tool to hang on their hooks. He's really proud of himself and loves to hang all three tools, knock them off giggling, and start over again.

Playing in the kitchen with Morgan.

Showing off the outfit from Aunt Delia and Uncle Chris (Thank you!!!)

I was fooling around with the camera and Wesley stood right in front of me, making faces and silly sounds until I took a bunch of pictures of him. He thought he was being really funny and liked looking at the pictures afterwards. Some of them turned out really cute.

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