Monday, October 12, 2009

SC visit 1

In September, Wesley and I flew down to SC to visit with family. We had a great visit (despite the rain - the same storms that flooded Atlanta). Here, Wesley was trying to get my grandparents' dog Cody to chase a ball. Cody would much rather sit on the couch with us, unlike our dog Morgan who would usually chase down (but not return) the ball. The difference confused Wesley for a while.

My Grandpa, Uncle Dan, Grandma, Uncle Rob, and Mom with Wesley.

Like I said, we got a lot of rain. Wesley really wanted to go explore outside, so we put on his poncho and let him walk around when the rain slowed to a sprinkle.

He may not look happy in these pictures, but he was loving being outside and picking up all the nuts and sticks to give to people.

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