Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took Wesley to Terhune Orchard today to get a pumpkin. The place was a madhouse and way overpriced. We picked out a little pumpkin but didn't end up buying anything. We'll get something much bigger for the same price at the grocery store. (Yes, we do realize when he's older that leaving without a pumpkin will not work)

Deciding if we like this one.

Trying to convince him to show Dad the pumpkin for a picture.

Looking among the bigger pumpkins.

With Dad at the pumpkin patch.

Watching the chickens in their coop.

Petting the horse. This horse hardly moved at all while we were there. It maybe blinked a few times. I'm pretty sure Wesley thought it wasn't real and that's why he was willing to pet it.

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