Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another trip to the zoo

We went back to the Philadelphia zoo last weekend and had a great time. The weather was gorgeous (not like this weekend) and there weren't very many other people there. The zoo was also having its Beast Feast weekend (every weekend in October), where they feed the animals a special treat of harvest vegetables. We got to watch this pair of Sloth bears eat a couple of pumpkins. Actually, one at the pumpkin, the other one accidentally knocked hers down into the pit along the edge of the enclosure. I think she was headed down to get it when we walked away.

They let this bear (the smaller of the two) out first and it (she?) started eating one of the two pumpkins left out on the rocks.

The second bear, which we could hear roaring in the back when they let out the first one, came out and started climbing all over this wooden structure. She (according to the keepers standing near us) was surprisingly agile and fast.

More climbing stunts.

Both bears going at their pumpkins.

Heading down to find the lost pumpkin.

Showing Dad the "monkey's" nose.

Wesley and Dad outside the primate house.

Playing on the tractor at the Children's zoo.

Wanting to climb the fence outside the Big Cat Falls.

Seeing Mom across the way taking pictures.

Running back towards Mom.

Watching the lions with Dad.

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