Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin carving

We had a couple of friends over last night to carve pumpkins. This was Wesley's first time helping.

Checking out the gunk that Mom scraped from the inside.


Watching Mom scrape some more.

Helping to pull out the squishy stuff.

Playing with the squishy stuff later.

Watching our friends John and Ericka carve their pumpkin.


This stuff is great!


Helping Ericka and John

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dancing fool

Wesley decided that last night was Dancing Night. He pulled out his toy computer (Thanks Rhodes!) and started up the music. He had an awesome time and looked super cute doing it. I know the video is a little on the long side, but he just kept dancing and I didn't want to stop recording.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend playing

The weather this weekend was really crummy, so we spent a lot of time inside playing. Wesley decided that he wanted to fit on top of his Tonka truck and ride it around the room. He was quite frustrated the he was too big for it but tried to sit down in the truck bed for almost 15 minutes before finally squashing himself in and asking me to push him while he tried to keep from falling out.

Playing with his work bench.

Hanging up the tools.

It's taken him a while to be able to get the hole at the end of each tool to hang on their hooks. He's really proud of himself and loves to hang all three tools, knock them off giggling, and start over again.

Playing in the kitchen with Morgan.

Showing off the outfit from Aunt Delia and Uncle Chris (Thank you!!!)

I was fooling around with the camera and Wesley stood right in front of me, making faces and silly sounds until I took a bunch of pictures of him. He thought he was being really funny and liked looking at the pictures afterwards. Some of them turned out really cute.

Another trip to the zoo

We went back to the Philadelphia zoo last weekend and had a great time. The weather was gorgeous (not like this weekend) and there weren't very many other people there. The zoo was also having its Beast Feast weekend (every weekend in October), where they feed the animals a special treat of harvest vegetables. We got to watch this pair of Sloth bears eat a couple of pumpkins. Actually, one at the pumpkin, the other one accidentally knocked hers down into the pit along the edge of the enclosure. I think she was headed down to get it when we walked away.

They let this bear (the smaller of the two) out first and it (she?) started eating one of the two pumpkins left out on the rocks.

The second bear, which we could hear roaring in the back when they let out the first one, came out and started climbing all over this wooden structure. She (according to the keepers standing near us) was surprisingly agile and fast.

More climbing stunts.

Both bears going at their pumpkins.

Heading down to find the lost pumpkin.

Showing Dad the "monkey's" nose.

Wesley and Dad outside the primate house.

Playing on the tractor at the Children's zoo.

Wanting to climb the fence outside the Big Cat Falls.

Seeing Mom across the way taking pictures.

Running back towards Mom.

Watching the lions with Dad.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SC visit 3 - second time in the lake

The rain finally stopped the next day and temperature was perfect for another trip to the lake. This time we came prepared in our swim suits. Here we are with (great)Grandma on the way to the lake.

Walking down to the water with Mom.

Wesley thought that he could walk into the water and just keep going. It kept getting deeper, but he didn't seem to notice. I really think he would have walked until his head was under the water if I let him.

Watching a school of sunfish. We were surrounded by about 30 sunfish (or bluegill, I'm not sure) the whole time. They weren't too much bigger than 2-3 inches for the most part, but there were a couple of good sized ones too. One nipped me in the back of the leg while were out in deeper water. Cheeky little guy. I think they wanted us to feed them.

(great)Grandpa, Uncle Dan, (great)Grandma with Cody, and Mom with Wesley after the swim.

Grandma playing with Wesley.

Changing into dry clothes. With the car seat taking up most of the back seat, the trunk was the best place. Wesley didn't seem to mind.

Monday, October 12, 2009

SC visit 2 - first time in the lake

There is a paved trail that surrounds part of the lake near my grandparents' house. Along the trail is a small beach where my brother and I used to swim when we'd visit them during the summers. Even though it was still sprinkling, I thought Wesley would enjoy wading in the water. It turned into a little more than wading, but was still a lot of fun.

Headed down the path to the beach.

Taking off our shoes before walking on the sand.

Wesley has been to the New Jersey shore once and thought the sand felt really weird on his feet. Evidently, he still felt that way and didn't want to put his feet down at first.

Used to the sand.

Standing with Mom.

Testing out the water. We took Wesley swimming in the pool most of the summer, so he's used to water. But, other than the NJ shore, he's never been to a beach. And, the waves were really rough when we were at the shore, so he didn't want to go near the water then. This is his first real walk along a beach.

Getting the feel for the water and sand between his toes.

Starting to plod along.

Oh! This IS fun!

Pointing out Grandpa watching on the side.

Back to the water for some more fun.

Wesley discovered that wet sand is super fun to throw into the air (and consequently, his hair)

Getting ready to toss another handful.

He also loved running down the small slope in the beach, ending with me waiting for him in the water.

Before we left, I stripped off his shirt, turned him over, and dunked him (just the top of his head) to get most of the sand off his head. He thought it was hilarious.

Drying off.