Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maine - Day 3

We returned to Acadia National Park on Day 3 and drove around the Park Loop Road. One of the stops was Thunder Hole. Unfortunately, we were there at low tide, but at high tide, the water would have been up to the walkway (in this picture). The waves coming in "thunder" into a hole in the rock and spray water everywhere. We got a little of that effect but not the same as if it were high tide.

The view down the beach from Thunder Hole.

Another stop along the Park Loop at Wildwood Stables. The stable provides carriage rides around the park and we stopped to see the horses for Wesley. I felt a little strange stopping to show my son horses in Maine when, being from the midwest, we've been around a lot of horses. But, he's only seen one so far (at Prairie Farms in Champaign) and LOVED seeing these horses.

Watching the horses with Grandma.

Watching the horses and practicing the horse noises.

Concentrating on the horses.

Yelling horse noises at the horses.

More horse watching. Yes, we (Wesley) liked the horses.

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