Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maine - Day 2 AM

Back on the rocks the next morning. Can't stay away from exploring the beach.

A view of the beach at low tide. I don't have a wide angle lens, so this is picture #1.

Picture #2 of low tide (use the house on the left as a comparison to the first picture. What a difference from high tide, right? With low tide, lots of barnacle-covered rocks are exposed. Really cool to explore, but sharp is you slip and put down a knee or a hand.

Concentrating on Mom's camera.

Picking up some seaweed to show to Mom.

Wesley, where are you storing your rocks now? (Dad stuck it in there and Wesley thought it was super funny)

Maine scenery.

Walking with Mom on the beach.

Throwing rocks into the ocean (and trying not to throw himself in with the rocks)

Climbing up through Cathedral Rock with Mom.

Grandma Cowles coming down the beach to join us.

Wesley, Mom, and Dad in the opening of Cathedral Rock.

More Maine beach scenery.

Sitting (climbing) on chairs with Grandpa Cowles. Wesley learned to say Grandma and Grandpa on this visit. Grandma came out as "mama" which was hard to differentiate from mama for Mom. But, Grandpa was clearly Baba. Even on the drive back to NJ, Wesley kept asking to show his toy car to Baba. Super cute.

Hunting for apples with Grandma.

Running on the lawn with Grandma.

Watching Dad snorkeling in the water.

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