Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maine - Day 1

The view down the lawn from Emery's Cottages just north of Bar Harbor, Maine. Linda and Alan (Grandma and Grandpa Cowles) stayed here with a beautiful view of the ocean. This was the water level at high tide. I've got some pictures on a different day of low tide. What a difference! Linda, Charles, and Wesley are down by the water.

Dad and Wesley playing at the water's edge. The weather on the first day was a little chilly with the wind off the water and some misty rain in the air.

Looking for shells, rocks, or anything else to take home as souvenirs.

A sailboat moored off the coast near Emery's.

Wesley learning to navigate along the rough beach. With rocks, shells, and seaweed, walking on the beach took some getting used to. Wesley caught on quickly (at least in the areas with small rocks) and managed to last the whole visit with no scraped knees.

More searching for cool stuff. Wesley would pick up anything and hand his treasure to one of us, over and over and over again. He never got tired of it. (We brought home a few select treasures to display in the fish tank)

A cool rock formation on the beach. The Cowles family has taken several family pictures on these rocks. At high tide, the rocks are under water, and we never managed to get the timing right with sunny weather and the tides to take our own family picture here. Maybe next time?

Looking in tide pools for critters. Dad went snorkeling later (in full wetsuit, hood, and gloves; the water was COLD) and found some urchins, star fish, and other animals, but most were out in deeper water.

Crashed out after a fun first day in Maine.

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