Monday, August 31, 2009

First Haircut

We finally decided that Wesley was due for his first haircut. Overall, his hair wasn't really all the long, but the curls in back were getting pretty long and somewhat girly looking. They were also extremely cute, so we asked the hairdresser to keep his hair as long as possible while still giving him a trim. She did what we said, but the curls are gone. Evidently, to make his hair even, she had to go a little shorter than we had originally hoped. It's still very cute though.

Eyeing this strange lady while chewing the animal cracker she gave him. He warmed up to her after the cookie and only thought she was a little crazy when she spritzed his hair with water before starting to cut it. But, after she sprayed her arm and his hand, he was ok with that too.

Watching the cartoons playing in the TV above his chair to distract him.

Checking out all the other kids that were there getting their hair cut. With so much to look at, it's no wonder he did so well.

Looking down so that she could finish the back.

At home, later that afternoon. The 'after' pictures.

From the front.

From the side.

More from the back.

He sure looks like a big boy now! What a cutie!

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