Friday, August 28, 2009

Ann and Mark visit 2

At the Philadelphia zoo.

The zoo fountain.

With Uncle Mark and Aunt Ann in the reptile house.

Looking at snakes with Aunt Ann. (hiiiissssssssssss)

Trying to see the lions (I think...)

Tigers! The trip through the Big Cat Falls section of the zoo was really cool this visit. As usual, most of the cats were sleeping, but the three tigers were up and pacing around. To make it even better, a special backstage group was getting a tour through the tiger area while we were there. Two of the tigers went right up to them (on the other side of a fence) and stood up on two legs up against the fence. They were really close to us too. I think we just got lucky with the timing.

Smiling at Aunt Ann during lunch.

Watching the polar bears play (one was down in the water to the right)

Feeding the goats at the Children's zoo (or actually, watching Mom feed the goats; they were a little too scary)

mmmm..... Are we obsessed with corn?..... yes!

Special ice cream treat at the zoo. Even sharing this with Mom, we didn't come close to finishing it. It was a HUGE serving. Even Uncle Mark had to give up on his.

Oh, so good!

Great zoo visit!

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