Monday, August 31, 2009

First Haircut

We finally decided that Wesley was due for his first haircut. Overall, his hair wasn't really all the long, but the curls in back were getting pretty long and somewhat girly looking. They were also extremely cute, so we asked the hairdresser to keep his hair as long as possible while still giving him a trim. She did what we said, but the curls are gone. Evidently, to make his hair even, she had to go a little shorter than we had originally hoped. It's still very cute though.

Eyeing this strange lady while chewing the animal cracker she gave him. He warmed up to her after the cookie and only thought she was a little crazy when she spritzed his hair with water before starting to cut it. But, after she sprayed her arm and his hand, he was ok with that too.

Watching the cartoons playing in the TV above his chair to distract him.

Checking out all the other kids that were there getting their hair cut. With so much to look at, it's no wonder he did so well.

Looking down so that she could finish the back.

At home, later that afternoon. The 'after' pictures.

From the front.

From the side.

More from the back.

He sure looks like a big boy now! What a cutie!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ann and Mark visit 5

With driving round trip to the airport, to the zoo, and the beach, we spent a lot of time in the car. Ann had fun taking pictures of Wesley's antics during the drives.



Must have been a wrong number!

Ann and Mark visit 4

Chatterbox on the way to the beach.

Ann and Mark visit 3

Uncle Mark at the Jersey shore (Point Pleasant Beach)

Testing out the sand while Mom puts on sunblock.

Waiting for Mom to finish with the sunblock.

Uncle Mark's sand chair

Mom, Wesley, and Dad at the beach.

Playing in the sand.

Burying feet.

The surf was a little too much for Wesley, so we didn't even end up changing him into his swim suit. But, he loved the sand and came home covered in it. The sunblock coating made the sand stick everywhere. This was Wesley's first trip to a sandy beach, and we'll definitely have to go back.

Ann and Mark visit 2

At the Philadelphia zoo.

The zoo fountain.

With Uncle Mark and Aunt Ann in the reptile house.

Looking at snakes with Aunt Ann. (hiiiissssssssssss)

Trying to see the lions (I think...)

Tigers! The trip through the Big Cat Falls section of the zoo was really cool this visit. As usual, most of the cats were sleeping, but the three tigers were up and pacing around. To make it even better, a special backstage group was getting a tour through the tiger area while we were there. Two of the tigers went right up to them (on the other side of a fence) and stood up on two legs up against the fence. They were really close to us too. I think we just got lucky with the timing.

Smiling at Aunt Ann during lunch.

Watching the polar bears play (one was down in the water to the right)

Feeding the goats at the Children's zoo (or actually, watching Mom feed the goats; they were a little too scary)

mmmm..... Are we obsessed with corn?..... yes!

Special ice cream treat at the zoo. Even sharing this with Mom, we didn't come close to finishing it. It was a HUGE serving. Even Uncle Mark had to give up on his.

Oh, so good!

Great zoo visit!

Ann and Mark visit 1

Aunt Ann and Uncle Mark visited a few weeks ago and a CD of pictures arrived in the mail yesterday from Ann. She took some great shots, so I had to share. Here are some more pictures of Wesley enjoying his corn.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Animal sounds 2

Here's the second installment of Wesley's animal sounds. Some are repeats from the first, but there are a few new ones stuck in too.

Watch carefully for the first one (monkey)! He says the noise and moves his arm in the monkey sign (at his armpit) but it's really quick before he starts making a whining noise.

Animal sounds 1

Wesley knows a lot of animal sounds but usually won't spout them off on command. On Saturday, he must have been in the right mood for it. Here's the first series of noises.

Buckethead bathtime

I posted some pictures (or maybe a video) a while ago with Wesley putting this bucket on his head as a hat. Recently, he's decided to wear the bucket hat every night during his bath. Here he is telling us it's a hat.

Making silly faces with the bucket hat.

Waiting for Dad to show him the pictures of the baby with the hat (himself)

Wesley was waiting for me to take him outside in the picture. Morgan saw something interesting and I thought they looked pretty cute here. He's definitely taller than her now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mmmm corn!

Eating IL sweet corn. Yummy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aunt En and Uncle Mar visit

Aunt Ann and Uncle Mark stayed with us last week before heading off to college this fall. Wesley couldn't really say either of their names yet, but he tried. Ann came out as En and Mark was Ma. Maybe Mar, but probably closer to Ma.

While they were here, we took a trip to the zoo, took Wesley to the Jersey shore for his first experience with sand, watched some movies, and basically just spent time together. We hadn't seen Ann since Christmas because she was studying abroad in Scotland. It was a lot of fun getting to see them both again. Ann took most of the pictures, so I can't post those until she sends them to me, but here are a few I took until then.

Ann and Mark brought some sweet corn from home with them. Wesley had tried a few bites of my corn when we were in Maine, but he got his own ear for dinner in these pictures.

I took some videos of this dinner too and I'll post those later. Hopefully you'll be able to here the loud crunches in the movies as he bites into the ear. It was hilarious.

Picking at the kernels with his fingers.

Making sure I'm still watching. Check out that end of the ear! He's really cleaning off the corn well.

I tried to convince him that the green end wasn't really all the yummy, but he kept wanting to try it anyway to see for himself.

Aunt Ann showing Wesley how it's done.


Aunt Ann reading to Wesley.

This book is Wesley's new favorite. There are buttons on the right that make sounds like different insects (bee, cricket, cicada, grasshopper, mosquito, and beetle). He loves this book. Thanks Grandma!