Friday, July 31, 2009

Maine teaser

Wesley, Charles, Morgan, and I took a trip to Maine with Grandma and Grandpa Cowles this past week.  Actually, today is our last day and then we drive back tomorrow.  Grandma Pataky asked for a photo teaser since we have a decent internet connection at our cottage hotel.  Here are a couple of photos.  We'll post more when we get home.

The view from the beach at Emery's Cottages (where Alan and Linda are staying).  Charles, Wesley, and Linda are down at the water's edge.

Wesley LOVED looking through the rocks and shells for interesting things on the beach.  He found this huge piece of seaweed lettuce and had to see what it tasted like.  Yuck!

Mom and Wesley walking on the beach.  He got surprisingly good at walking on the uneven rocks, seaweed, and barnacles by the end of the week.  We still held his hand to make sure he didn't fall and scrape up his knees.  (The barnacles were really sharp)

Dad and Morgan on top of Cascade Mountain.  The highest point on the Atlantic Coast.  A beautiful view of Bar Harbor and the surrounding area.

Showing Wesley the big horses that pulled the carriages for tours through Acadia National Park.  (We didn't take a ride, but stopped to see the horses)

Wesley leading the way down a trail at Acadia National Park.

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