Saturday, March 7, 2009

Swim class

Wesley had his very first swim class today. I'm pretty sure he never really figured out what was going on and why we were in the water with all the strangers. At least, not in the 30 minute class. He was starting to get used to it by the end of class, so hopefully he'll enjoy the rest of the classes (the next few Saturdays).

This picture was at the end of class when he finally started warming up to being in the water. He spent most of the class watching the other kids and only started making eye contact with me near the end.

The balls we played with got his attention for a while and he seemed to enjoy 'zooming' after them through the water. He didn't kick his legs or anything yet and really just wanted to hold onto me most of the time.

The funniest part of the class was how buoyant the swim diaper made him. If he wouldn't have tipped over, I probably could have let go and he would have floated vertically in the water.

Dad gets to go in the water with Wesley next Saturday. So hopefully we'll have some more pictures then where he's actually smiling.

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Nancy said...

We will have to look through photos. I think I have one of you in the water about that age at the Champaign Y.