Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enjoying the (somewhat) warmer weather

With the weather being a little warmer today, we all went out for a walk this afternoon. It had been more than a month since Wesley was outside in his stroller and he was noticing all kinds of new things. He especially liked examining the white pines.

He liked trying to hold the pine needles and only tried putting them into his mouth once.

Up in the sky!

Ready to go in his stroller.


Snook said...

The question is: who is more amazed, Wes looking at white pines or Charles looking at Wesley?

So -- did you tell Charles, "don't drop him" when you took the "Up in the sky" photo? Great photo.

Samantha said...

What cute photos! I particularly like the "up in the sky!" one. Lovely little had you have for him.