Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wesley's noises

After listening to Wesley make a wide variety of noises the last few months, I decided to collect some videos of my favorite noises and combine them into one movie. This is a collection of Wesley's noises starting at age 2 months through now (~10 months).

The videos are pasted together in chronological order. He didn't make too many noises in the early months, so it skips ahead pretty quickly.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Crawling all around

Wesley is almost an expert crawler now. Here's just a sample for you. He's moved past the army crawl into the hands and knees version. His favorite pasttime right now is to crawl around the living room seeing what he's able to pull himself up onto.

(For those of you waiting for the sounds video I promised, I'm having issues uploading to the site today. I'm going to try again tomorrow. The file is pretty big, so it's taking a long time.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hanging out with Dad

Ok, so I know this isn't a picture of Dad or Wesley. But, it's an awesome picture of Morgan, so I had to share. I love the reflection in the window.

Yum, soccer ball.

Flying baby!

The Cowles family at Christmas

Making noise together.

The next several posts are from pictures that Grandma Pataky, Grandpa Pataky, and Aunt Ann took during Christmas. There were WAY too many good ones to choose from. I just picked a few. (I know that 20 really isn't just a few) I might have to post some more later too. There were some great photos. Thank you!

Hanging out with Mom

Opening gifts is fun!

I like my train book.

That tickles Mom!

Yep. I like hugs and kisses.

Ok. That's enough.


Wesley discovered that he liked to yell recently. Here are a few funny faces he was making while he was yelling. No words. Just "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Say Ahhh!

Yum! Sweet potatoes.

Playing in the tunnel

There's a monster in the tunnel!

Where did she go?

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Up in the sky" explanation

I've had a couple of comments about the "up in the sky" photo, so I have to explain it more. Charles asked me to take that picture specifically because that's the view he sees every morning when we drop Wesley off at daycare.

On the way to daycare, I sit in the back seat with Wesley while Charles drives. Once we get there, I pull Wesley out of his car seat into my lap and put his coat on. His winter coat is too bulky for him to wear while he's in the car seat. (We cover him with a super thick warm blanket and pre-heat the car, if anyone out there is wondering how we keep him warm) While I'm putting on his coat, Wesley is straining to see if Daddy is coming to get him yet. Once he sees Charles, he starts giggling and squirming like crazy. He knows what's coming. After wrestling to get his coat zipped up during the squirming period, I let Charles know we're ready. He opens the car door and scoops Wesley up into the sky. Every single day, Wesley finds this absolutely hilarious and amazingly fun. He laughs and laughs at being held above Daddy's head in the air. So, Charles always gets a clear view of an extremely happy Wesley wearing his winter coat and hat against the blue sky. And, he wanted a picture of that for his desktop at work. Hence, the "up in the sky" picture.

On a side note, I accidentally left the ISO speed set on the highest setting, so the picture turned out pretty grainy. I don't remember why I had turned it up so high, but I'm pretty bummed that it sort of ruined the printable quality of this photo. We'll just have to take another one to replace it. Regardless, it's a great picture of him laughing, so I had to share with everyone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enjoying the (somewhat) warmer weather

With the weather being a little warmer today, we all went out for a walk this afternoon. It had been more than a month since Wesley was outside in his stroller and he was noticing all kinds of new things. He especially liked examining the white pines.

He liked trying to hold the pine needles and only tried putting them into his mouth once.

Up in the sky!

Ready to go in his stroller.