Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sippy Cup Lessons

Wesley started learning to use a sippy cup this weekend.  He quickly got the hang of it, since sucking on the cup isn't that different than a bottle.  He kept turning the cup upsidedown though too.

Still upsidedown.

Making faces at Mom.  It turned out that Wesley had a fever (100.7) when I was taking these pictures.  Poor guy.  Although, I guess getting him to use the cup was even more important for keeping him hydrated.  

He's feeling better today (Sunday), but still seems to be a little sick. Coxsackie virus is going around his daycare, and we're hoping that's not what he's got because he could be home for the week before the daycare lets him come back.

Happy guy wondering why I keep pointing the camera-thing at him.

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