Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun with a pumpkin

Charles had a fun idea and bought a big pumpkin last weekend which we emptied in hopes of getting a picture of Wesley inside.  It turns out, the pumpkin wasn't quite big enough, but we still had fun with it.

Charlie trying to get Wesley to sit down in the pumpkin.

Wesley not so sure this was such a fun idea.

Wesley finally thinking the pumpkin was in fact funny.  (Maybe this was how long it took for the pumpkin juices to start seeping into his clothes or making it squishy under his toes.  In any case, he liked it.

Wesley balancing in the pumpkin by himself.  (This only lasted for three quick frames before Charlie had to support him again) The last two pictures are my favorites.


Grandpa Nicol said...

The little Cowles pumpkin with one of his patchmates.

Grandpa Nicol said...

First Wesley tastes a squash and then he lets a pumpkin taste him. Is he out of his gourd?

Matt said...

I bet Charles could have sat down in that pumpkin.