Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend fun

Mom, why are you holding the camera above our heads?

Oh, I see!  It's so we can be silly!  (Too bad we're not totally in focus.)

We got Wesley a highchair this weekend.  We tried it out on Saturday evening with some toys that fit in both his swing and highchair.  He seemed to love being up high and able to see us.  He kept laughing at me sitting across from him.

Loves to suck on his toys.

He eventually got frustrated with not being able to pull off the flower and bring it closer to his mouth, but it entertained him for a while.

Wesley got his first solid food today (Sunday).  It wasn't really all that solid since it was rice cereal mixed with milk.  We videoed the whole event, but I haven't had a chance to download it to my computer yet.  Look for it in future postings.  There weren't any funny "this is disgusting" faces like I expected, and he definitely seemed to like it. There were lots of "I want more of that faces".  Probably because it was mixed with his milk, which he's used to having every day.

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