Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wearing the next clothes size now!

Aunt Ann arrived last night for a visit with Baby Wesley.

Wesley smacking around the rattles on his activity mat.  The Illini outfit he's wearing today is a 3-6 month size onesie.  He hardly fits in most of the 0-3 month sized clothes.  He's really getting big quickly.

More rattles to hit.  He notices the rattles.  Stares them down.  Then slowly moves his arm around trying to hit them.  I think most (if not all) successful hits are accidental, but he's trying.  And can follow the moving rattles with his eyes once they start swinging.

A shot of his hair loss during some "tummy time" exercise.

We introduced a pacifier and a bottle last week.  The pacifier (even though we're using it sparingly) has really helped calm him down when he's gassy or overly tired.  Dad enjoys feeding him with the bottle now too.

Another shot of Aunt Ann with Wesley.


Samantha said...

That last photo where Ann is holding him really shows how long he is! I've been around all these babies who are/were on the small side lately, so Wesley really looks like a giant to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Samantha. That picture with Ann makes Wesley look very long. Of course, maybe it is just that Ann is so petite!

Phyllis came by the clinic and we both viewed the new pictures. How timely.

Nancy (Mom) said...

Sorry, I meant to sign my name on the previous comment.

Rachel said...

I love the "I drool orange and blue" shirt! He is getting so big! What a cute little smarty - trying to hit those rattles already!