Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happy after a bath.

More bathtime pictures

Wes has lost a lot of hair on the top of his head.  He still has most of the hair on the sides and back, but even that is starting to go now too.  He looks a little like an old man with a receding hairline.  We'll see what color his hair is when it comes back in.  


Rachel said...

He looks so alert! So cute!

Samantha said...

He also looks very wary about things. Super cute. I know a baby girl who lost all her hair except for a little tuft--also went in a male pattern baldness fashion. I hope being the only adult at home during the day is going well, Kim.

Nancy said...

Wesley looks like a cute, healthy baby to me. Before long you will be nagging him to get a hair cut! Ann will love taking pictures of him next week.