Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lil Cowles has Arrived!

After much anticipation, Wesley Charles Cowles has finally decided to explore the world outside Mom's tummy.  The doctors decided he needed a little encouragement and we went to the hospital for an induction on Thursday, April 10th.  By 9:15am, labor had started.  Unfortunately, Wesley was turned in the wrong direction (head down as expected but turned towards the front instead of towards Mom's back).  With his head pressing up against Mom's spine, extremely painful and constant back labor in combination with the normal timed contractions ended up being too much for me.  By 2:30, I was 7cm dilated and calling for an epidural.  Even our doula agreed that I probably wasn't going to make much head way with that much pain.  45 minutes later (it felt like MUCH longer), I was pretty much pain free.   By 4:45pm, I was completely dilated and started pushing.  At 7:01pm, Wesley was out and taking his first breath.  Weighing in at 9lbs 15oz, he's a pretty big boy.  His other important measurements at this point if you're curious are 21.75in long and 14in head circumference.

Both baby and I were given good health assessments and were allowed to leave the hospital after only one night.  We all thought we'd get more sleep at home in our normal bed.  So, by Friday night at 9pm, our new family was home.  The first night was pretty rough until we figured out the house was too cold for the little guy.  Now we're really starting to get our routine down and Mom and baby are getting better at the whole breastfeeding thing.  We took our first walk (only about six blocks total) yesterday afternoon while the weather is still warm enough (it was 70+ yesterday but is supposed to go back to the mid-50s today).  And, we had a much better night last night in regards to feedings and sleep.

Grandma Pataky arrives tonight for a week long visit.  Grandma and Grandpa Cowles will be here for the next week.  Other visits are in the works from other family and friends over the course of the next few months too.  So, despite being far from most family, Wesley is going to get to meet a lot of new people pretty quickly.

Enjoy the pictures!  We'll try to add lots more in the coming days.  

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