Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pregnancy updates

38 weeks and five days along now. Last Tuesday, I was 50% effaced. This Tuesday, 80% and 1-2 cm dilated. The doctor made me promise not to get too excited with that last bit of information, but I can't help it. I've had mild contractions (irregularly spaced and hours apart) for almost a week now. And, for the last three days, I've been regularly nauseous (very mild, but still annoying). I'm hoping he decides to make his arrival any time. Now would be fine with me.

Wednesday night my contractions increased to about one an hour right before bedtime. I was convinced that I'd be woken up by real labor in the middle of the night. Disappointingly, my alarm woke me up at my normal time with no sign of contractions at all. Thursday followed with no contractions and little movement by Baby. Today, Friday, he's back to moving around again, but no contractions.

My guess in the family baby pool for his arrival this Saturday at 4:30pm may not end up being right. Not surprisingly, my guess was the earliest one of the list. My mom's is next for Monday because she's convinced I'm always early for things. The rest of the family is clustered around the 1st of April (the actual due date) because they think I'm always right one time. My theory: my desire to be early for everything will balance out with Charlie's repeated habit of being late for things and Baby will arrive exactly on his due date (which is exactly Charlie's guess of April 1st at noon). I'm not sure how I feel about Baby having April Fool's Day as his birthday. I guess people will remember it.

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Nancy Pataky said...

I forgot about the hiccups. Yes, I felt those with all four of my babies. None of you had a problem with spitting up. Hopefully it is unrelated. It always made me laugh when I felt the baby having hiccups.

We are looking forward to pictures and stories. This is my first blog comment ever. Blog on!