Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby Pool

Here's the list of guesses from family members so far. Feel free to add your best guess.

Good luck!

When will Little Cowles arrive?

Date Time Person
22-Mar 4:30 PM Kim
24-Mar 1:00 AM Nancy
27-Mar 7:00 PM Ann
27-Mar 7:11 PM Andy
28-Mar 3:31 PM Mark
29-Mar 6:00 AM Bev
29-Mar 8:00 AM Cami
30-Mar 8:00 AM Paul
1-Apr 12:01 AM Snook
1-Apr noon Charles
1-Apr 6:02 PM Emily
2-Apr 3:00 PM Lanny
2-Apr 4:00 PM Dorothy


Samantha said...

I'm going with one week early... but I'm not sure if I want to say that is when labor will start or Lil Cowles will be born. Hmmn. Or maybe one week late. Okay... I'll say March 25th, 6:30 am.

On a boring note: have you got the option to get a feed from your blog turned off? I couldn't add your site to my google Reader list (for easily being able to see when blogs are updated). Maybe it's a Reader glitch but I thought I'd ask just in case?

Kim (aka Mommy) said...

Um... I don't know. I'm new to the blog thing. I have the function that keeps search engines from finding my blog turned off. Is that the same thing? I can switch it to 'yes' and see if that changes anything.

Samantha said...

Guess I've already lost the "pick the day" competition :-) Anyway, I am pretty sure I can't add your blog to Reader because you have the search engine function turned off. But don't worry, I'll be "old-fashioned" and just bookmark your blog and check it every now and then. Hang in there!

ginger said...

okay, kim, that was just wishful thinking...

I'm going with April 4 at 3 am (birth), labor to start... let's say April 3 at 7 pm... hopefully I'm wrong on both:)


ginger said...

oooh, on second thought, that would be a pretty short labor for a first birth... but maybe you'll be lucky!